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Competitive tendering for cleaning work
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Today, cleaning services are often purchased on the basis of the cheapest offer. Many buyers of services favour short-term agreements, and the constant search for cost savings often results in a poorer situation for employees.

Cleaning companies try to deal with constant competition by saving costs. Work sizing, or shortening cleaning times, is one cost-saving method. Sizing the work too tightly may lead to moonlighting and breaking the law. This distorts competition and makes it impossible for honest cleaning companies to succeed.

With this game, Service Union United PAM wants to draw attention to the fair purchasing of cleaning services. The goal is that when buying services, the best price-quality ratio is the deciding factor instead of just the cheapest price.

When purchasing is poorly, unethically or insufficiently prepared, customers ultimately suffer: the cheapest price is seen, for example, in poor indoor air, decaying real estate or inadequate safety. We hope that those who purchase cleaning services understand how their actions affect the situation of employees in the cleaning business and consequently the quality of cleaning services.

Let your acquaintances and friends know about the campaign and participate in bringing justice to how things are done by employers in the cleaning business.

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